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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Sitting in my brand new office chair, I thought, "what will be a good piece of work to go in my new portfolio for 2012. AHA! Do a vector portrait of my beautiful wife. Since I'm already practicing this new tool I've discovered (pen tool, go figure!), why not start an entire vector project. I'm thinking something big, but small simultaneously. 

One of my favorite topics is sports, so maybe a nice collection of the top up-and-coming athletes. Whether top 10 or top 5, not sure at the moment, but Lord's willing, it's gonna happen, very soon might I add.

This is going to be an exciting journey, just the challenge of bursting onto the creative scene with a bang is exciting enough. I do art! That is the skill God, Himself and Him alone, has given me and by my life, I'm gonna use it for His glory. Whatever benefits He bless me with because of this, if any, is just a plus.

Back to the image above...

Vector is a new style I've just discovered only a week ago to this date. Seeing other artists use the selection and pen tools in incredible ways inspired me to play with the pen tool until I got a swing of things.

This vector took approximately 5 1/2 hours total, which is a better time than my first vector at nearly 8 (a marathon..!!!). I know, the more I practice and do portraits, the easier it'll get and I'll keep improving my progress and work flow. This journey (of being creative) is getting very interesting!

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