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Sunday, December 25, 2011

How to Draw: Vector Tutorial

I have always wanted to spread my love for art by teaching and showing others my work process. I have learned alot over the past few months about different styles and techniques used by various artists to pull off a flawless masterpiece. I recently started using the vector pen tool about a month ago and have grown to love it.
Below is my very first video tutorial I've created along with my very own original music, which is also my first track. I'm proud of both of these projects and hope this is a beginning of many tutorials.

The baby that I am drawing is an adorable young lad by the name of Jensen. He was so cute, I rushed at the chance to get a picture from his aunt to use in my next vector project. 
Done in 3 hours
Created my very first, original beat using Pro Tools.
Music: "A Piece of Heaven"